FAQWelcome to the Thai Culture and Food Festival

  • Will the Festival be on in February 2017 at Federation Square


    Correct!!! … A Festival is held on 05th February 2017 @ Federation Square – for more information or offers of help please register at www.thaifestvic.com/contact or keep up to date at www.facebook.com/thaifestvic

  • Will Muay Thai kick boxing be showcased this year?

    We are very excited to announce that Muay Thai exhibition fights return again to our Festival this year – from 1.30pm till 5p.30m

  • What time will Thai Food be available from on the day?

    Restaurants will likely start serving food from around 11am There are 11 food stalls with delicious menus …. grilled pork and chicken with sticky rice, Som Tum, Noodle, Pad Thai, BBQ Squid & Pork, Grilled pork balls, Deep Fried Chicken Widgets with special spicy sauce, Spring Roll, Satay Chicken, Green Curry, Thai Desserts, Thai Yum Cha, etc. from Pinto Thai Cafe, Bangkok Street, Real Thai Cafe, Lorm Thai, Grovedale Thai, Siam Secret, Happy Bulle, Bangkok Street Food, Soi 38, The Bay, and Twistto.
    BEER GARDEN: serving Singha Beer from 12pm.

  • What time do the shows start and finish?

    A warm welcome to our special event on Sunday 05th February 2017

    Main Stage : Performances start at 12:10pm and finish at 6:00pm

    Western Wing : For Chitralada Garden (A model of His Majesty’s Research Centre inside the palace), Performances start at 11:45am and finish at 4:30pm

  • Can I bring my own food and drink?

    Of course you can!! but why not buy a delicious Thai meal from one of the fabulous Thai Restaurant stalls ; a Thai drink or a Thai dessert??

    And of course, you should try out the famous Singha Beer from the  Singha Beer Garden – Thailand’s favourite beer right here in Melbourne.

  • Can I bring children to the Festival?

    Our Festival is a family friendly event with plenty for all ages to see and do; it can get very busy and noisy in the Singha Beer Garden and so you may find it easier to “picnic” on the lawns.

    Why not wander through the Thai Village and the Market Fair to see a slice of daily Thai village life? Lots to do and see- dress up in Thai costume for a photo; learn Thai; and much much more!

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